Mariel Gracia

Mariel Gracia

Young, passionate and driven are three words that describe Mariel. Mariel grew up in San Jose, Costa Rica and ever since she was little she has loved providing experiences to people, she believes a house is a life project and should be treated as one that is why she believes in giving solution based services since the beginning to deliver an excellent user experience. Mariel attended the British School and then ended her studies in St. Mary’s. She has lived in three continents which makes her trilingual, she moved to India to volunteer and teach English to children in need and worked as a project manager for an NGO in New Delhi, after this she moved to Lisbon in Portugal where she learned Portuguese. Mariel has a world perspective and knows how to handle individuals from diverse cultures and mindsets. After this she got a scholarship involving the United Nations to do a higher diploma in Diplomacy in New York where she did a capsule project in human development based in education and transportation. Mariel then studied Public Relations back home and started a business with her father based on villas rentals throughout Mexico’s most unique cities. She is very detail oriented, driven and great and interpersonal skills. She has a strong background in marketing, PR and digital marketing and previously worked with firms of travel agencies and the hospitality industry. In her free time Mariel loves to do wine tasting, do resin artwork, travel to exotic countries and attend polo events. She describes real estate and selling a house as “selling a life project”, she truly believes real estate is all about sharing an experience with the person that acquires the property. She also describes Costa Rica as the perfect destination to settle down based on great weather, friendly people and good quality of life; she says “Costa Rica is the perfect country; it combines leisure with a family environment.” “I truly believe home is the place where everything happens and where many memories will be built, let me find you your dream home so you can start creating wonderful memories ahead!”

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