Roland Hunziker

Roland Hunziker

My name is Roland Hunziker. I was born in Switzerland in 1961 and I spent not only all my school years there, but also a lot of my professional ones.
In between my jobs in sales (assistant sales manager MM and later Publicitas) I often went traveling. And some day, I decided to take a leave, fulfill my dream and went on a trip to discover South- and Central America from 1989 until 1990. Doing that, I could experience and enjoy the incredible beauty these countries have to offer, but at the same time I got the chance to fetch my Spanish skills.
One of those travel destinations was of course Costa Rica and finally I was there in San José on June 21st, 1990 to indulge my beloved hobby with some friends: soccer! That evening we were excitedly looking forward to seeing the soccer match “Costa Rica vs Sweden” on TV. And suddenly there it was … the reason for my future immigration: my future wife Lorna!

And so I’ve been living in this magnificent country now since 1996 and I am still happy and satisfied, in the meantime I have a son who’s born in 2001 and since 1999 also have had the Costarican citizenship.

Why and with what can I help you?

Since my emigration – that started in 1990 – I’ve gained a wide experience. Parts of that time were filled with a lot of effort spending, idle runnings, aching learning processes and unlimited standing in line. But – also with help from old and new friends – I went alone  fighting myself through all those authorities and institutions, I started from scratch by asking information, getting angry and forging to finally get an organized life in Costa Rica. A completely legal one, with all permits, papers, the Costarican passport, a property, some land, a company and the infrastructure I was looking for. It was a time consuming process, but incredibly educational.

With all this knowledge I now have, I’ve been helping emigrants, visitors, investors or property buyers and sellers for years to prevent them from getting into too much trouble, spending too much money and getting too angry, because today I know every single trip through all authorities, every necessary paper, the right people and I also keep myself up to date with all new regulations and laws.

So, if you wish, I can with pleasure shorten this exhausting part of your emigration, your stay in Costa Rica, your investing or purchasing property and so save you having too much trouble to take or too much learning to your cost.

And please note: languages are not a problem either: German, Spanish, English and Italian; speaking those, we won’t have any problem to communicate ….

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