1 Bedroom Bio Caribe Container Home for Sale – Caribbean Real Estate

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1 Bedroom Bio Caribe Container Home for Sale – Caribbean Real Estate
Calle Paraíso, San Rafael 2, Paraíso, Sixaola, Cantón Talamanca, Limón Province, 70402, Costa Rica
For Sale $285,000 - Residential, Single Family Home
SSK-8240 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1.04 Ha

Bio Caribe is an ecological residence 8 km away from Puerto Viejo, Limon and about 4 km to the beautiful beach of Punta Uva.

1 Bedroom Bio Caribe Container Home for Sale in the Caribbean

More precisely, we are 1.6 km behind the Armonica farm to the street of paradise.  The same street gives access to Bio Caribe from this side.

Then the project has another entrance from Sixaola street.


The Bio Caribe property contains 125 hectares.

Bio Caribe’s goal is to develop the first “off the grid” ecological residence in Costa Rica with a focus on sustainability.

At this moment we started the construction of two ecological houses. Both houses have their own solar panels and are equipped with a rain catchment tank in conjunction with a filter system.

Although within the Bio Caribe facilities we will have a part of the project connected to the ICE electrical grid, the idea is to develop most of Bio Caribe “off the grid”.

This house is so unique because of the following characteristics:

  • Built with 2 shipping containers
  • It is an off the grid house. That is 100% solar.
  • Rainwater harvesting, because we collect in a tank of 40.000 liters the rainwater. This water is filtered, but not for consumption.
  • At 3 meters below the ground there are buried pipes. The air that enters the house is like an air conditioner, but natural.
  • The water is heated by a solar water heater.
  • With panoramic view over the mountains of Panama.

The property is within the facilities of Bio Caribe. A community that is dedicated to the practices of sustainability.

Property Map

Energy Performance

  • Energy Class: A+
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