Santa Ana Real Estate – Money Maker Apartment Building

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Santa Ana Real Estate – Money Maker Apartment Building
Cantón Santa Ana, San José, Costa Rica
For Sale $900,000 - Apartment Building
SSK-1880-property 694 6 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 600

The future owner gets great value, but also an immediate appreciation from the land. Within years, the appreciation of value can be the best yield from this property. This complex enables the renters to get the best of the location. You can reach within walking distance; supermarkets, medical and financial services, plus many leisure points.

Central Valley Elegance, Downtown Walking

A very good opportunity awaits you in the Costa Rican sun valley. Santa Ana is known for its great climate and offers a sort of living that is a soft mix of traditional Costa Rican with a touch of elegance. The location is about as good as it gets for the Central Valley, which has been one of the main reasons for the real estate boom of luxury homes and condos in the area. The town is strategically situated in a hub of key infrastructure in Costa Rica, right next to Highway 27, less than 20 minutes from San Jose International Airport and downtown San Jose. Also, just 50 minutes from the Pacific coast. The surrounding development of the area and it’s thriving economic activity are clear indicators that you’re in the right place to make an investment.

Distance Leisure Opportunity

This complex is right in the center of Santa Ana. The location of this complex enables the renters to get the best of the location. You can reach supermarkets, medical and financial services plus many leisure points with a short walk. The future owner gets all of this value but also an immediate appreciation of the land which can be the best yield from this property.


Complex Appreciation Value

The building has three apartments with three bedrooms, TV area, two and a half bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a laundry room, 2 parking spaces and even a small garden in the front. All of them face the street. A two-bedroom unit is on the back of the property which has all of the other described areas. The last apartment has one bedroom, a living room, a laundry area, and one bathroom. All of the units have stairs to access the rooms and the TV area. The one-bedroom apartment is on the second level of the building.

Some cosmetic repairs are needed, however, the potential and immediate return from the renters are great reasons to keep this choice in mind. Please schedule your showing at your earliest convenience!

Property Map

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