Tamarindo Real Estate – Ocean View Beach Hotel

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Tamarindo Real Estate – Ocean View Beach Hotel
Tamarindo, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste
For Sale $8,750,000 - Commercial, Hotel
21520 sq ft 34 Bedrooms 13500 m2
  • 52 Fully equipped Suites
  • Plenty of available land for expansions
  • Lot- 13,500 m2 / 3.3 Acres
  • Fully titled
  • Swimming Pool w/ amazing swim up bar
  • Truly successful Bar & Restaurant with stunning Ocean views
  • Hotel can be easily turned into a boutique- hotel, wellness Spa or alternative beachfront Resort.
  • Casino expansions w/ casino license optional (ask for details) – 2 additional Beachfront lots available.


  • Car rental agency
  • Receptions offices
  • Surf-Shop / Rental store & Tour desk
  • (Excellent revenue sources)

How is Live in Tamarindo

TamarindoCosta Rica offers a little something for everyone interested in an affordable, peaceful, and simple beachside retirement.

It’s a town where everyone knows your name, but also offers plenty of places and spaces to enjoy time by yourself. A beach community offering modern amenities and day-to-day necessities, but also a slower pace and a bit of an old fashioned sentiment. A hot and dry climate offering sunshine nearly every day of the year, and welcomed tropical showers to bring out pops of color among the local flora. A haven for outdoor adventure seekers and nature lovers.

In comparison with many of the popular North American coastal retirement destinations, one of the most desirable attributes of Tamarindo is the affordable tropical setting. It is possible for a couple to live in Tamarindo on a monthly budget of $2,000 to $3,000, and unique from many other Central American destinations, Tamarindo also offers luxury living, should that be what you’re looking for. Aside from housing, the two most costly budget items will be electricity and imported goods.


Sometimes the scariest part of retiring abroad is the thought of being far from family and friends, but amidst all the things that make Tamarindo a postcard-perfect destination, what many expats enjoy most is the instant sense of community they experience here. With a mix of locals, retirees, digital nomads, and surfers from around the world, people tend to be friendly and welcoming, and newcomers don’t stay “new” for long. In addition to the ease and accessibility of air travel, this helps calm some of the common nerves before the big move.

There are also several Tamarindo Facebook groups you can join in advance to ask questions and gauge if this could be the right place for you, such as  Tamarindo Chit Chat and Tamarindo Garage Sale for starters. There is also a local non-editorial English newspaper in Tamarindo called the Swell Dealer. In it you will find information to make life easier (including a calendar of classes and social events, maps, bus schedules, emergency numbers, restaurant specials, etc.).

For years now, Tamarindo has remained one of the most popular retirement destinations for North Americans not only in Costa Rica, but in all of Central America, and hopefully this overview provides a glimpse into the many reasons why.


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